Do I need mobility scooter insurance?

Do I need mobility scooter insurance?

Having insurance for your mobility scooter or powered wheelchair is important because it protects you and others from the potential dangers around us. Although it is not a legal requirement, we highly recommend having it to protect yourself and others around you.

Protecting you

When you purchase mobility scooter insurance you are instantly covering yourself against a variety of dangers. If an accident was to occur with yourself and the driver of a motor vehicle, causing injury to both parties and vehicles – insurance would protect you. Up to £3,000 could be paid to you when suffering an injury from such an event.

Protecting others

Mobility scooter insurance not only protects you, but it protects third parties for up to £2m. This includes the legal liability should accidental damage be caused to property following an accident and third parties should they suffer an injury.

By not having insurance, you run the risk of being liable for damages to property and/or persons following an accident. Depending on the seriousness of the accident, the costs could cause you huge financial difficulty – all of which could have been avoided for £38.95 per year!

Protecting your belongings

Having mobility scooter insurance protects your scooter following an insured event such as a minor bump, a major collision or loss/theft. We’ll pay for the repair or replacement of your scooter should it be required following an insured event.

Not only is your mobility scooter protected throughout the period of your insurance purchase, we’ll also protect your personal belongings up to £250 should they be damaged, lost or even stolen following an insured event.

By not purchasing mobility scooter insurance, your belongings would not be protected following an insured event, unless of course your belongings were already insured.

Protection outside of the country

By purchasing mobility scooter insurance from Eden Mobility, you’re giving yourself instant cover when leaving the UK. Your mobility scooter will be covered for loss or damage for up to 50 days per year. This cover is for worldwide travel (excluding North America & Canada).

Terms and conditions apply. Please ensure that you read the policy wording and key facts documents for a detailed explanation of what’s included with our mobility scooter insurance.

6 comments on “Do I need mobility scooter insurance?

    1. Any person who has full permission of the policyholder to use the scooter certainly would be covered yes. So in your case, your wife would be covered when using the scooter.

    1. They get emailed over to the email address provided during the checkout process, but if you’d like them popping through the post let us know and we can arrange that for you.

  1. i unfortunately have had an accident with my scooter and under my insurance with blue badge eden mobility.
    permission was given under my insurer to go ahead with the repairs, however on return of my mobility scooter
    i was told that i had to pay £40.00 for delivery of my scooter. was i liable to pay the cost of return delivey after repairs ?.

    1. Good morning. If this is an issue with Blue Badge then I would certainly recommend getting in touch with them, otherwise I’d recommend giving us a call on 0800 587 4745.

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